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Dr. Hosseinzadeh over 20 years experience along with her commitment to do what is best for the patients makes her uniquely qualified to take care of you. Her many years of experience gives her the ability to tailor your treatment to suit your needs with respect to the amount of time you are able to spend in our wonderful city of San Diego.

We offer telephone consultations to facilitate the process in order to gather the information, order the necessary diagnostic tests and review the treatment options. Many of our patients are able to have their testing done locally, near their home as well as some of their monitoring. Prior to starting your treatment cycle, you will be given a calendar of when to anticipate your procedures and we will be with you at every step of the way, to hold your hand, give guidance and answer all your questions.

Once you travel to San Diego, Dr. Hosseinzadeh will conduct all of your appointments, unlike larger practices where you are treated by a variety of physicians and no one really knows your specific situation personally. We offer quality care in a small, boutique setting. Some of the types of treatments we offer our international patients are listed below:

In Vitro Fertilization

Depending on your situation, you may opt to travel to San Diego for the entire IVF cycle, including stimulation, egg retrieval and embryo transfer. For some patients, the first part of the stimulation regimen can be monitored by your OBGYN at home and the results are communicated to Dr. Hosseinzadeh who will be making all decisions regarding the dosage of your medications. Once the follicles are larger, you will travel to San Diego and have the egg retrieval performed. The embryo transfer will follow a few days later after which you may fly back home.

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Egg Donation

An egg donation cycle can be performed in one of two ways:

Fresh Embryo Transfer Cycle:

The cycle of the donor and intended recipient are coordinated so as to perform a fresh embryo transfer. This type of cycle is usually easier for the intended recipient than a traditional IVF cycle. The donor is monitored in our office and the recipient is only required to be in town for the embryo transfer. As a sperm sample is required on the day of the egg retrieval, most couples arrive at this time and are able to fly back after the embryo transfer. Alternatively, if your sperm parameters allow, a sperm sample that has been previously frozen can be used so that you can shorten your stay even further, and only the intended parent on whom the embryo transfer will be performed will be needed at the time of the embryo transfer.

Frozen Embryo Transfer Cycle:

In this scenario, the donor is monitored, the eggs are harvested, fertilized and the resulting embryos are grown in culture and usually cryopreserved or frozen at the blastocyst stage. A sperm sample will be required on the day of the egg retrieval, and depending on your circumstances either a fresh sperm sample or alternatively a frozen sperm sample that is stored in our institution can be used. Following this, the cycle of the intended parent is coordinated so that the approximate day of the embryo transfer is predetermined at a time that is convenient for you. You may begin the preparation for this cycle at home and arrive in San Diego closer to the time of the embryo transfer.

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Gestational Surrogacy

You are the one who chooses the surrogate. She may be a family member, friend or chosen from a Surrogacy agency. The surrogates undergo an extensive screening as well as psychological assessment. They must also give informed consent for the procedure. Surrogates are also required to execute a legal contract.

The process will vary depending on whether the intended parent will be providing the eggs or using an egg donor. In the case where the intended parent is providing the eggs, your cycle will be similar to a long-distance IVF cycle. If you plan on using an egg donor, then your cycle would resemble that of a long-distance egg donation cycle.

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Our Services

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