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Patient Testimonials

We are constantly receiving letters and thank you cards from present and former patients. It is truly humbling to read your stories and we are grateful for your kind words. Below are a few of their stories:

  • "Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility SpecialistHappy Doctor's Day to a fantastic Doctor ! Our path to having a family was a very difficult one, and the moral support you provided in addition to your medical knowledge helped to keep our hope alive. Thanks to you we never gave up, and we were blessed with three beautiful children who bring us so much joy. We are so lucky to have met you and we will be forever grateful for your help !T & J"

  • "Prior to coming to Fertility Institute of San Diego, I had gone through several unsuccessful cycles with another IVF center each one being more trying than the next. My experience was not very positive. The way I was treated by staff and the experience I had with my procedures created a high degree of stress and uncertainty. At that time a friend recommended that I see Dr. Hosseinzadeh. I contacted her and began treatment. Her knowledge, conduct and support contrasted with my previous experiences. Dr. Hosseinzadeh is very experienced, skilled and kind. She made sure that we were comfortable and armed with the necessary knowledge every single step of the way. I felt that she knew exactly what we were going through and was there to provide great physical and mental support. I remember thinking that this is what it is like to be treated by real professionals. From the very start of our treatment we were able to build a trusting relationship with Dr. Hosseinzadeh and Miki, our nurse. The IVF treatment was a much more comfortable experience than before, thanks to the staff going above and beyond their jobs to become people I could lean on. I felt that I got more service and attention at the clinic than what that money would buy at any other practice. We wanted a girl, and after two egg retrievals and one transfer I got pregnant with a girl! I will never forget the genuine joy Dr. Hosseinzadeh and Miki expressed at the news. If someone is considering infertility treatment, I highly recommend Dr. Hosseinzadeh and her clinic."

    Patient MN, 42 years old.
  • "We are so grateful to you for helping us start our little family. The care and compassion with which you provided us is unparalleled. Since becoming pregnant, I have had several friends go through the trials and tribulations of infertility. I hear their stories and am reminded you have no comparison. The attention you give both parents, babies, and even grandparents is remarkable. My parents still talk about your professionalism and sincerity. We truly feel that we won the lotto by being guided to you to start us on our journey through parenthood. I can't wait to tell the boys about their first doctor and how she helped bring us all together. Thank you a million times over for being such a wonderful caregiver."

    Patient EE

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